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Annika Bond MSc, PGdip An phys

I am an IAAT registered Veterinary Physiotherapist and also hold a Master of Science Degree in Biomechanics and a Bachelors Degree in Sport Science; a unique combination enabling thorough stance, posture and gait assessment, supporting optimum therapy.

Being a qualified and accredited trainer for the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and also holding a diploma in Canine Training and Behaviour, I use force free, reward-based training methods and this is mirrored in the care of animals at the clinic. I am very happy to give animals the time they need to relax and always handle them in a calm gentle manner.

With my Masters Degree dissertation focussing on equine gait assessment and having worked at racing yards both in the U.K. and Australia, plus owning horses and dogs all my life, I have wide knowledge of gait abnormalities, injury and treatment plans.

I worked for one of Sussex's largest canine training companies (schooling 4 Dogs) for 8 years, as a trainer and physiotherapist where i taught group classes, 121 sessions and a variety of workshops.

Having run a busy animal physiotherapy clinic in Sussex for several years, I have now relocated and set up my clinic at my home in Metheringham Fen near Lincoln, where I live with my husband, two daughters, five horses, two dogs, two cats, five pet sheep and two pet pigs.

Please contact me to have a chat or book an appointment.



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