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Puppy, Adult & Rescue Dog Training


Recall Training

A dog with poor recall is not only frightening and annoying for an owner but also very dangerous for the dog. 

Recall is one of the most important basic skills to teach your dog.

I offer recall training sessions in my 2 acre secure field, teaching you the foundations for a strong reliable recall. 


121 Training

From basic puppy training to advanced trick training, sessions can be tailored to suit your needs and are held in Metheringham Fen, either in my secure field or in the barn, depending on what we are working on.


Livestock Training

Does your dog chase or bark/lunge at livestock?

I can offer residential or 121 training sessions with you and your dog.

I have a flock of sheep and several horses that are all very used to dogs and can be used to desensitise your dog and prevent unwanted behaviour around livestock.

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